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Mais informações aqui. After a first, successful year, 4 sold-out courses and about 100 attendees who left extremely positive feedbacks and suggested their colleagues to attend, we are proud to launch the Tecniplast Training Center 2017 program! Our goa Ler mais
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The solution Tecniplast presented is an accurate environmental microbiological monitoring in IVCs, which represent a new frontier to monitor the hygienic state of laboratory animals with a highly sensitive solution for the collection of contaminated dust p Ler mais
The use of environmental enrichment is becoming more and more common, in order to accommodate innate physiological and behavioral needs such as social contacts, resting, nest building or exploring. The use of enrichment should not just arise from ethical r Ler mais
Wi Flow is the new Air Handling unit designed to be remotely controlled, featuring: Complete control of each Air Handling Unit settings and parameters via portable device (any tablet, smartphone or laptop). One control device for unlimited AHUs. The most Ler mais